Motivation: The demon of Undoing.

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Ok so if you have read a few of my posts lately you would have noticed that they are getting pretty goal orientated and it seems to me like I am trying to for lack of a better phrase, “reorientate my life’s direction” towards a healthier more focused me. Now this is all well and good, I am sure that I am heading in the right direction by setting goals and working on a better mind-set but the problem I seem to still be having is drive!

Its all well and good to go, “I need to achieve these 10 things” but I am very much struggling with the “How” I am sure there is no secret answer to this but has anyone else ever faced this dilemma? I am sure they have, I am guessing the answer is baby steps. Do a little alot of the time instead of trying to change the whole in a week.

Anyways this post is more me typing stuff I need to read than anything else. Have a good one.

Back to Rift and Bad Poker!

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Three day free on rift has me once more getting my gun out , calling my boar and hunting rifts!

Ok second part, bad poker. By bad poker I dont mean poker is bad I just mean my poker is/was bad. I played a terrible game tonight that was 50% laziness of thought / 50% Ego. Note to self: Ego is fucking stupid, Laziness of thought is unforgivable. OK so this is what happened. Rocked up at event at for free 20k deepstack. I buy a meal and so get a free rebuy that is worth 30k chips, with 2 minutes left to the break I decide to go all in as I am down to 12k in chips and figure Its better to lose them and start after the break with 30k instead of the 15k my rebuy will be worth after the break. I push all in and I let problem one get the better of me not once but twice! I think everybody has folded and so I muck my cards and start collecting up the chips when some one is kind enough to point out that the gentlemen directly across from me called my all in with 4600 in chips. My cards are already mucked so the chips are his. I say nice hand and cash my rebuy card for 30k and move to a new table to play some hands. If you play poker please reread that last paragraph and notice the second moron thing I did. I am not goign to write what it is but lets just say that that guy that called me got a healthy chip bonus out of the fact I got flustered with:

  • Trying to felt myself before the break.
  • Not sitting back and playing the game properly
  • Not focusing on what was going on!

Ok so that was custerfuck 1 now to number 2. This one isn’t so bad but I need to write it down so I can read this later and remember that I need to put my ego in check and my mind in gear at the tables. I get back from the break (Oh insert here that the spag bol I had for dinner was fricken amazing!) and sit down on my new table with a few players I respect and a couple I dont but thats another story. I fold a few hands as I am getting crappy cards. It comes around to my big blind and so I decide since its free poker I will play it blind till someone raises. No preflop raises so I check it and the flop comes out.

  • Flop drops 8h, Ad, 4s
  • Small blind and I insta check as does the rest of the table.
  • Turn comes 8s
  • Same thing as everybody checks
  • River drops 5d
  • Small blind checks, I check, UTG checks, seat four makes 6k with 500/1000 blinds.
  • Rest of table folds round to me and I announce, “Ok I guess I have to look now?” <remember I was playing cards face down to this point>
  • I look at them and see I have 4d, 5c giving me 2 pair. Being the egotistical moron I am and not looking at the board with any kind of intellegence at all I decide in “my infinite wisdom”<—note sarcasm> to push in over the top of him for 11 thousand 2 hundred.
  • UTG folds, the original 6k player thinks for 2 secs and goes CALL.
  • I show my hand with a grin and announce 2 pair. He looks at me confused and shows Ac, 7d.
  • I am looking at him going, “He thinks he won?” I look at the board and notice that there is 2 eights there.
  • Aces and Eights beats my 4455 oh wait I mean my 5588.

Moral of the story, if your going to play poker be awake and pay attention, dont be a fucking idoit and think your better at the game than you are and did I say PAY ATTENTION!!!

As I posted on my facebook status:

Stop playing like you think your good and just be good. 

2012! Not a bucket list but more a “Shit I want to get done list”

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Top ten things for 2012 in no particluar order of importance!

  1. Sky Dive – Go with Adam for his birthday in August. If this falls through then Allan and I go before December 31st!
  2. Get a tattoo – Danni to do this soon as I get an idea what I want. Starting to look now in prep.
  3. Buy a house – Start sorting things out with regard to job, banks, etc. Also need to see if we can get Deanne back on part time at a minimum.
  4. Consistent Profit at work. (No up week, down weeks) This is already in play. Focus on jobs at hand and have a strategy to make this work. Actually can start ticking the weeks here. MUST REMEMBER: Better is always achievable, no plateau’s.
  5. Learn to play tighter poker – Play at least 5 hours of online every week. Try to play consistent tight aggressive and avoid to high V%IP in early positions as this is a HUGE leak.
  6. Lose 10kg starting now! Tomorrow 25th March is NOW! Breakfast is a meal, eat it. Coke is not a breakfast.
  7. Soda is a treat not water. Drink water/cordial in place of coke. Water bottles of cordial to take to work to drink all day. Coke is ok as long as you drink 2:1 ratio of water to coke. (No medical evidence, I make the blog I make the rules!) 🙂
  8. Eat healthier – Fruit and vege, not chips and chocolate. (well some junk food is ok. 😉
  9. Ride/walk/run at least combined 30 km in any given week. Weeks run Thursday to Wednesday.
  10. See family more. Organize dinners/bbq at least once a fortnight with Deanne’s family and my family alternate weeks. Perhaps rotate location based on people availability.

Ok so writing that was the easy part. Now to implement the strategies above! Here is hoping succeeding!

Sara Douglass

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Its been a while since I read a proper set/trilogy of books so it’s good to pick up an author I feel pretty comfortable with. Just finished reading the first book of the series and now onto a second. Dark mountain series is pretty good so far. Although I did discover that there is 2 books I should of read first, oh well you get that on..the big jobs 🙂

Quick book post.

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Picked this up at Big W today. Loiks like it could be a good read. No matter what people say lets be honest anything that opens a window into a different lifestyle is always worth a read.

Valentines day and Clerics

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Ok let start by saying Valentines day sucked a fat one. Thats all Im going to say on the matter. The day was ok, the night not so much. Rolled a Cleric on DDO today just for the fun of it and realised that as much as I love the game there is some serious issues with getting groups. I think they have made it to soloable now and so people dont even bother until they reach Stormreach.

DDO is swallowing my life….

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Well not truly but like all things gaming related I just love to jump in as deep as I can quickly and so the last 24 hours went something like this.
1am go to bed
7.45am “Happy Valentines day baby”
11am Coke and DDO
12,1,2,3,4,5 Same as above other than a 30 minute window when I went and brought more coke and some chocolates for Deanne for Valentines day. When I say chocolates the truth is more a block of Cadbury Crunchie chocolate because lets be honest Valentines day shouldn’t be about capitalist commercialization. 😛
5-7.33 Deanne, Dinner, Garden.
7.33 Blogging and then DDO 🙂

Here is the picture of the day. Its of my chillies that I like to say I grew but lets be honest, Deanne waters them way more than I do, I just occasionally prune them and admire them. Those little buggers are very hot. Haberenos or some such.

Anyways that’s about the length of my day, oh other than the fact I took the battery out of the R32 today and started her up using my other battery. She still hums like a humming bird. Really should sell her but I kinda love her still. So much more fun to drive than Kermit.