Stars Wars Racism or George the Racist.

Ok so today at work I had the strangest of epiphanies. If you look at the fact that Jango Fett was a black man, All the original cloned soldier were clones from him then it is quite easy to prove the following statements:

All clones are slaves to an empirical government.

All clones are actually black

All clones are in actuality made to dress in white

And the icing on the cake…..

They are called STORM TROOPERS!

Just saying……….

Second instance of racism in Star Wars

The emperor takes a free white kid, turns him to the darkside and then dresses him in black due to the fact he is now a slave to the empire. racist racist racist

(Disclaimer: The above is totally tongue in cheek and most of it is an obvious reach to create some ideologies purely for the sake of stupid inter-work conversation.)

~ by Serum7six on January 15, 2013.

One Response to “Stars Wars Racism or George the Racist.”

  1. What’s that coming over the hill? Is it a restless lynch mob of fanatical, satirically tone deaf, Star Wars fans?

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