Quick Book Post

Ok so just finished reading the second book by Caesar Campbell. Its a great complementary read to the first one with very much the same story line about outlaw motocycle clubs in Australia. I also read a book called “The Prez” which is another tale from the Outlaw side of Australia. I think its interesting that a lot of the belief system of mateship and loyality that they talk about rings true with myself. I have never felt as connected as a group than when we used to do bad stuff together as teens. Obviously not on the same scale as outlaw clubs but the mateship from doing things on the wrong sides of the track is something that is impossible to convey to someone that has always lived as law abiding citizens.

Anyways have a read if you want to read some 60/40 fiction creation that is a fun read but at the same time quite shocking.

~ by Serum7six on April 5, 2012.

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